Use Visual Studio debugger in client side partial classes created on WCF proxy

In application using WCF service, it is not uncommon to create partial classes on client side in order to add properties on objects retrieved by the service. Theses properties are needed by the client application (for interface for example) and they have no reason to present on server side. For instance, a class name Product has following properties defined on server side : Price, Name, Stock and has the property IsVisible defined on client side in order to display or not the product on UI. [Read More]

Put on attribute per line in XAML files in Silverlight

A XAML file can be unreadable when there are a lot of attributes in controls. Lines are often too long to be displayed on screen (horizontal scrollbar is required). Visual Studio 2010 offers an option allowing us to put one attribute per line automatically to facilitate code reading. So, when you have written your code, press Ctrl+K+D to format XAML. To activate this option, go to Tools -> Options, then open Text Editor -> XAML -> Formatting and select Spacing. [Read More]